Pasquino Ermini was a mechanic and driver during the 1920's and 30's with the Squadra Materassi and its Bugatti and Talbot cars. Following the war he built his first car, a combination of a (heavily modified) Fiat 1100 chassis and an Alfa Romeo 2500 engine. With this he competed in various events.  He then decided to produce his own engine choosing to enter the then popular 1100 class. The result was a twin cam 1094cc unit which emerged in 1947, one of the first twin-cams in that class. It immediately proved successful and was sold to many competitors, who fitted it to a variety of cars, usually either based on the 1100 or with a chassis by Gilco. Bodies were supplied by numerous carrozzeria. In 1949 Ermini began building complete cars, with his 1100 DOHC engine, the chassis by Gilco and the bodywork by Tofani.  The early 1950's saw the Ermini 1100 as the car (or engine for those who chose to fit it to different chassis') to have. Tofani were unable to meet the demand, and so Motto and Morelli were used to produce the bodies. In 1953 Ermini introduced a new engine. Still a DOHC 1100 it now had an aluminium block and five main-bearing crankshaft. Around 20 engines were built and were fitted to cars by Ermini themselves with a bodies designed by Gilco, Scaglietti, Morelli and Frua (designed by Michelotti).  American Bill Devin used a mold off the Ermini shown below (#357) as the form for his famous Devin bodies.

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1948 Ermini 1100cc Ercoli collection (photo courtesy of the Mitiche web site


1948 Ermini Sport Gaburri collection (photo courtesy of the Mitiche web site


1949 Ermini (photo courtesy of Stefano Ricci Heritage


2010 Four Seasons Florence

1950 Ermini 1100cc Sport Focardi collection (photos courtesy of the Mitiche web site


1951 Ermini 1100cc Gilco; Remo Squarcia collection


1951 Ermini Sport Ercoli collection (photo courtesy of the Mitiche web site



1951 Ermini Sport Internazionale 1100cc


2010 Four Seasons Florence

1953 Ermini 1500cc


 Lew Florence (Ed Buck photo)

Lew Florence (Ed Buck photo)

1957 Bremerton Airport, WA (Seafair)

1955 Circuito del Mugello

1955 Ermini 357 Sport (Body Copied By Bill Devin)


1955 Ermini Sport Competizione 1100cc Mortari collection (1st photo courtesy of the Mitiche web site, 2nd and 3rd photos courtesy of


 (photo courtesy of the Mitiche web site

 (photos courtesy of 

1955 Ermini 357 Sport Paoletti collection


1955 Ermini 1100cc

(photo courtesy of 

Ermini 1100cc #1555 




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