Enrico Nardi 1907-1966




Period Nardi Articles And Advertisements

First Nardi Raced As A Giaur By Frank Dominianni

Nardi Formula 2

Early Nardi Group

1947 Nardi Danese

1948 Wayne Nardi Chevrolet Motto Coupe

1948 Nardi Danese Alfa

1949 Nardi Danese Motto BMW

1950 Nardi Coupe

1951 Nardi Motto Fiat 1100 Spyder

1951 Nardi Blatta BMW

1951 Nardi BMW Paul Gougelman

1951 Nardi BMW Al Coppel 

1951 Nardi Panhard Frua 751/2 

1952 Nardi BMW 952/1 Bob Samuelson

1953 Nardi Dyna-Panhard Frua Coupe

1953 Nardi ND Crosley

1953 Nardi Frua Crosley

1953 Nardi ND Four Crosley

1953 Nardi Sighinolfi

1954 Nardi Sport Monoposto BMW

1955 Nardi Le Mans Crosley

1955 Nardi Crosley

1955 Nardi Bisiluro Le Mans

1959 Nardi VW Prototype Formula Vee


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Dino Brunori archives


Nardi Formula 2


       1948 Nardi BMW 750cc Valenzano pilota (Dino Brunori archives)et

(Dino Brunori archives)





1947 Nardi Danese 815 Sport Masini collection (photo courtesy of the Mitichi web site)


1952 Torrey Pines

1953 Palm Springs

1956 Duryea Hillclimb

1948 Nardi #948/4 Motto Alfa/Chevrolet Coupe (Wayne) 


 Nardi Danese at 1950 Bridgehampton (William G Giltzow photo)

Nardi Danese Alfa Romeo 2500cc at 1950 Palm Beach

Nardi Danese Alfa Romeo 2500cc at Watkins Glen

Perry Fina Nardi Danese Cadillac at 1953 Watkins Glen

1948 Nardi Danese #948/5 Alfa/Cadillac Ex Perry Fina; Jim Pauley and Harry Grey drivers

1948 Nardi Danese #948/11 Alfa 

Nardi Danese in Europe (Dino Brunori archives)


1949 Nardi Danese Motto BMW 750cc  (Dino Brunori photo)


1950 Nardi 750cc Coupe


1952 Elkhart Lake

1953 Pebble Beach

1951 Nardi Motto Fiat 1100 Spyder Ex Kurt Hildebrand


(Dino Brunori Photo)

1951 Nardi Blatta BMW 750cc 


Paul Gougelman 1952 Guttenberg Hill Climb 

Found July 2013!

Paul Gougelman 1953 Janesville

Mark Brinker archives

Paul Gougelman 1953 MacDill AFB


Paul Gougelman 1953 Chanute AFB

Paul Gougelman 1953?

Robert Schroeder 1955 Lawrenceville  

1951 Nardi BMW 750cc #103 Ex Paul Gougelman and Bob Schroeder


1952 Madera

1953 Pebble Beach (John Ritchey photo)

1954 Bergstrom AFB

(Dino Brunori archives)

1951 Nardi BMW Ex Al Coppel, B Whitehead and Al White


1951 Nardi Panhard #751/2


1956 Eagle Mountain Bob Samuelson (Oosthoek collection)

Bob Samuelson

1963 Hall's racing school

1964 Shea 

1952 Nardi BMW #952/1 Ex Gatta, Samuelson, Shea and Banaszak


1953 Nardi Dyna-Panhard Frua Coupe



(2009 Laguna Seca Cliff Reuter photos)

(2008 Laguna Seca (Jack Reuter Photos)

1953 Nardi ND Crosley Don Balducci collection 


1953 Chanute AFB

Rick Beckrich photo

1953 Nardi 953/1 ND Crosley ex Ex Rick Beckrich; Don Balducci collection 





Gino Munaron In Italy 1953 (Dino Brunori archives)

Don Vitale 1954 Thompson (Vintage Racecar magazine photo)

(Ed Amaudin photo)

(Ed Amaudin photo)

 John Iglehart 1958 Thompson

(1959 Thompson Vintage Racecar magazine photo)

(1959 Thompson Archives 2014)

1953 Nardi ND Four Ex Don Vitale and John Iglehart 


1953 Nardi Sighinolfi 


1954 Nardi Sport Monoposto 954/1 BMW 750cc (photos from anemera)


(Dino Brunori archives)

1955 Nardi Le Mans 955/1 Crosley 750cc


1955 Nardi Crosley 955/2 Dino Brunori collection



Nardi and Danese stand next to their first car (Dino Brunori archives)

(Vintage Racecar magazine photo)

(Frank Dominianni archives)

(restored photos courtesy of Stefano Ricci Heritage

Nardi 947/01 (first Nardi produced) raced by Frank Dominianni as a Giaur in American SCCA starting from the early 1950's.  The original air cooled BMW 750cc engine was later replaced by a Crosley 750cc engine




age 1

Nardi Bisiluro 955/3 Giannini 750cc Le Mans 1955 


1959 Nardi Volkswagen Prototype Formula Vee









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