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Car #23, Pacific Raceways, 1963, USRRC, Mike Gammino, Ferrari GTO...I remember seeing the GTO's of Gammino (red) and Frank Crane (white) at first sight!

Car #211, Portland, Austin-Healey

Car #32 Portland, 1962, Paul Woodruffe, Salem, Oregon, Porsche 1600

Car #32, Woodruffe again followed by Gerry Bruihl, Portland, Oregon, Fiat-Osca

Car #7 - I just found this photo in Competition Press, June 27-July 10, 1964, page W-3.."Pierre Phillips (No. 7) (Lotus 27) goes through Circus turn on his way to victory in the formula junior event at the Rose Cup races. He also won the feature event (Robert Taylor photo)"

Car #78 - Portland Rose Cup, 1962, Ferrari 250TR59 (0768TR) (Jerry Grant), owner Dick Hahn to the right of the photo

Car #792 - Portland, 1964?, Jim Miller? "champion drag racing Cobra" is mentioned in the CP article on the 1964 Rose Cup.

Car #448 - Pacific Raceways, 1963, Pedro Rodriguez, Genie, winning the USRRC race

Cars #356 and #217 - Portland, 1964?, Gary Wright, Porsche 904, Sam Wood, Maserati 200S! s/n 2415

Car #9 - Pacific Raceways, 1963, Frank Crane, Ferrari GTO (see post #12)

Car #356 - Wright Porsche 904

Car #71 - Pacific Raceways, 1964? Dan Odenborg (Odenberg?), Sceptre-Merc Outboard

Car #35 - Portland, 1964?, Dewey Harless, Lotus 20

Car #64 - Pacific Raceways, 1964?, Mike Eyerly, Porsche 904 (car shared with Wright that season)

Car #792 - Miller Cobra again?

Car #28 - Portland, 1964, Howard Jackson, Alfa Romeo TI

Two transporters (for Bjørn Kjer) - Portland, 1962...on the left, for the Hahn/Grant Ferrari...on the right, I suspect for the Rosebud team (I think I see their Lotus 19 beside it)

Car #14 - Pacific Raceways, 1964, Dave MacDonald, King Cobra, alongside Hap Sharp and Jim Hall, Chaparrals. MacDonald won the USRRC race, his last victory

Car #2 - Portland, 1964, Len Sutton, Corvette






SCCA racing action in the 1960's provided race fans with photographs of fast cars negotiating the difficult turns of the race courses. Taking photos in the 60's is far different than taking photos today. With current technology in cameras, photographers can utilize software programs and CMMS to re-create today's racing action. In addition, instead of physical photographs, utilizing online storage you can store thousands of racing pictures on your computer. Advances in the technology of cameras has made capturing racing action easy for amateur and professional photographers alike.


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